Trust in God

It was wonderful today to have Fr. John join us and introduce himself to our men.  The Holy Spirit then took over and we began having a powerful conversation about the scandals that continue to plague our Church - and the importance for us to not desert Jesus in this time of struggle.  Our Faith begins and ends with Him - not with the flawed human leaders of the Church.  The men who fell to sin and corruption are NOT our Faith, and we need to hold strongly to Jesus' hand as our Church goes through this time of purification.  It all requires a trust in God that He is still in control, and that things are happening according to His will.  He doesn't will the sin, but He definitely wills the exposure of the sin; because from the exposure and removal of this rot, true healing can begin - making way for an even stronger Body of Christ in the end.

Sex Abuse Scandal - By Fr. Mike

Featured Scripture

2 Corinthians 12:6-10

Featured Song

"Strong Enough" by Matthew West     (Music Video)