Jesus: Our Model Of Manhood

Another well-attended morning of Faith, Food & Fellowship.  Today's topic looked into what is causing the extinction of the real man in our culture.  Distractions that lead to the downfall include (but are not limited to):

  • Video games and media
  • Missing fathers
  • Lack of strong, positive role models
  • Lack of true friends
  • Sexual temptation/pornography
  • Men are too easily pleased with material possesions

In spite of all of these distractions, we still have a model of what it means to be a real man:
Jesus Christ
Through Jesus, we know the following truths:

  • Real men prepare themselves in their youth
  • Real men work
  • Real men respect women
  • Real men love kids
  • Real men control themselves
  • Real men are humble
  • Real men pray

Jesus was a leader and also a servant; He was incredibly bold and also lovingly gentle; He worked hard, loved all, and never deviated from His mission.  His is the only path to becoming a real man.

Source Material:

Why Real Men Are Becoming Extinct
Jesus Christ: The True Model for Manhood

Featured Scripture

Matthew 6:24-34

Featured Song

"I Get What I Need" by Collin Raye     (Music Video)