Be More For Women

Last month we looked at how not to look at women (through lustful eyes), and this month our focus was on how we should look at women. Jesus taught us, and Joseph modeled for us how we should value women, honor women, and help the women in our lives to thrive.

  • Be more than the man who is faithful to his wife; be the man who values the lives of women and helps them thrive

  • Be more than the man who talks about deplorable behavior of sexual predators; be the man who confronts them

  • Be more than the man who teaches his son to respect his mother; be the man who honors his wife

  • Be more than the man who doesn’t sexually harass women at work; be the man who creates a culture at his workplace for women to thrive because they feel safe

Reference Material: Christian Men: Be Different - Be More

Michael’s Discussion Outline: Mary Through the Eyes of Joseph

Featured Scripture

Ephesians 5:21, 25-33

Featured Song

“Lead Me” by Sanctus Real (Music Video)