The Lies Catholics Face

Gil Alderete, the new President for CMF California, joined us this morning for what was another very well-attended Fellowship Breakfast. Due to the Single & Parenting class happening in Room A, we were moved to rooms B & C, which is always a nice change for us due to the larger size of the space. Our Scripture verse got us started well for our topic of looking at the lies we all face as Catholics, and there was a lot of sharing from the men. One of the best things about the St. Denis CMF group is the diversity in the ages of men. Luis joined us this morning as another college-aged young man, and it’s always great to hear from him (and Cody & Anthony) for us to better understand what is making the younger generation tick. But then it’s also wonderful to hear the wisdom of some of the older gents, like Chuck and Bill, to be able to learn from them as well. This group truly is a “hidden jewel” within our Parish.

Featured Scripture

Genesis 3:1-7

Featured Song

“Jesus Loves You” by Sanctus Real (Music Video)